Joziwood Media is a company that specializes in high quality content creation for both corporate and television. Often it is very hard for media based brands to differentiate themselves, as they’re me 2 businesses. However we steered them through that saturation.  Through distinct positioning,  clear messaging and premium identity.

Key Services

Market Research // Brand Audit // Brand Strategy // Brand Identity // Website Design // Messaging

Brand Strategy.

The Joziwood Media brand required a solid foundation of research and consultation. Over the course of market and consumer research, client persona development, we were able to define both the target audiences and the most effective means of attracting them. The segmented yet synergistic brand architecture—showcasing both leadership and organizational development—was united by a brand personality that was methodically developed in our proprietary system. The Joziwood brand that emerged was centered on the value transformation—of individuals, of organizations, and of the nature of leadership itself. It was a compelling and ambitious brand personality that allowed us to craft an online presence with substance and authority.

Discovery // Market Analysis // Competitive Audit  // Persona Creation // Positioning // Perception

Stylescape used to develop identity.

Brand Identity

The Joziwood logo features a beautiful type designed to represent the various layers that make up both individuals and organization. It evokes the brand’s core attributes: Elegance, premium, and innovation. The mark  represents focus, a badge of confidence and associates with being experted.

Website Design

The website is meant to be a full on digital experience of the brand, not just a navigation to the contact us page. The brands target audience is sophisticated executives in both Television & Corporate. The website’s purpose was to introduce these users to the brand and its distinct offerings in a narrative, experiential fashion. 


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