"Our higher purpose as an agency is to help our clients win in their industries".


When Artraction Media was established, we found ourselves making the same mistakes fledgling businesses make: we wore many hats and tried to be many different things to different clients. The so called “one stop shop” concept. Don’t get us wrong there is nothing wrong with being a “one stop shop” – problems however arise when there is no direction. When there is no method behind the madness. 

It is by virtue of the lessons learnt in stage one that we came to realise the importance of being a one stop shop that leverages its resources and offerings so as to create a focused and value driven service to our clients, that emphasizes understanding your brands true north.


As our business grew, we quickly came to realise that our clients tended to gravitate towards the same core services. What we call the heart of our business, we are a digital content creation agency. What distinguishes us from the rest however is our ability to discern your needs, meet them and exceed expectations. We pride ourselves in the time, care and attention to detail it takes to achieve this. We are proud of the fact that we are not the kind of agency you call for a quick logo. We are the kind of agency you call to create an impactful brand.   


Stage 3, is probably the most important stage of the Artraction experience. Through spending time with our clients and walking their entrepreneurial journey with them, we realized that our higher purpose as an agency is to help our clients win in their industries. We wanted to ensure that the Artraction experience transcended beyond brand discovery and made its way into our client’s boardroom. 

Its important that the brand and brand strategy ethos derived from the process are foremost  at our clients minds when they make important decisions. The principle simply being, if the brands strategy and ethos are not foremost in our client’s mind, they will not be foremost in our client’s customers mind. We know we have done a great job – when our work informs the decisions you take.



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