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Artraction Media is a full-service brand agency. We're brand, digital, and business partners for purpose-driven brands & organizations.

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Help entrepreneurs and executives expand their overall organization potential through digital & branding.


We Build Brands People Can Love.

Currently, people embrace brands with the customer experiences that best meet their needs. Artraction Media builds brands by designing these best-in-class experiences, driven by strong creative, research and organizational strategy we need for operational excellence. We combine these capabilities into single solutions, creating unified brand experiences.

Our Process

Step 1


The purpose of discovery is to extract information that will help the business align its goals with the brand goals. We start by listening. The aim is to identify if there is any strategy in place and if so what’s missing.

Step 2

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is where brand authenticity is born. It’s a process of partnership, where we unlock the essence of your brand. It defines purpose, positioning, and differentiation. It’s a product of your vision and values, as well as an in-depth understanding of those you serve.

Step 3

Brand Identity

Your brand’s identity is its face to the world. It’s the first and most immediate connection you have with your customers. Good design advances brand strategy by making that connection profound. It makes your visual identity its most visceral language. It makes aesthetics profound.

Step 4

Brand Expression

Brand Expression is the art of storytelling. It’s the vehicle that delivers your brand to the world. It’s an ecosystem of living, breathing brand touchpoints. Ultimately, it’s your brand’s authentic narrative — a unique interplay of words and images that express unmistakably who you are.

Step 5

Brand Alignment

All too often companies invest in a powerful brand identity system only to let it rust in a state of perpetual dormancy. Brand alignment is the critical process of ensuring your brand experience is fresh, dynamic, and consistently deployed across touchpoints on a regular schedule.


Matthew Rolls Ceo of Artraction Media

Matthew Rolls

Founder, CEO

Matthew is the CEO & Chief Strategist of Artraction Media. He oversees the strategic and creative direction of the agency. 

Certified in Brand Management by London Business School. Mr Rolls has consulted in 10 different industries and directed projects for noteworthy global brands, with several years of experience in helping entrepreneurs build their brands.

Give him a shout he’s very friendly &  loves to chat brand.



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