"Those who often end up successful are those that put the first things first".


The more we grow in business or in our relationships with people you get to realize between the real connections, clients and people we involve ourselves with that what keeps these relationships alive is actually prioritizing, putting first things first. It isn’t the flashy designs, the great presentations or being the particularly liked one in a crowded audience that wins or often ends up successful it’s those that put the first things first.

If you had to cross reference every successful relationship and business owner you will catch a drift of a consistency between the dotted lines that connect the puzzle. Without a doubt it is the great ability to keep time, to keep up the consistency. I have that as a reminder pasted on my wall I see it every morning when I wake up it reminds me that success isn’t rocket science; but it is the simple the ability to follow a plan and see it through to stay consistent.

Most people make the mistake or blur the lines between procrastination and patience which is often the difference maker when it comes to opportunities/career paths/plans. We are living in a generation where the thinking is situational and emotional decision making outweighs logic.

We all want the end product of success not the process, we want to drive cars valued at a couple million and to converse with the Bill Gates of our industries at fundraisers.

But reality is to get there first things first prioritize the relationships that’ll grow you, the clients that started small but have a great vision and the people you networked with at your last outing give them a call find out how they are doing, go out for a coffee find out what they interests are? That could even open up a whole new other network as we’re all separated by six people in theory (watch the movie six degrees of separation by Will Smith for more on that).

Don’t be fake let them know you care if you do prioritize. Even with yourself that Sunday recess after a hectic week to evaluate your progress and sharpen the saw.

At Artraction this is the one quality lesson we’ve embodied in our brand, we have a line it goes something like – Experiential design, for the customer oriented world which literally means our whole brand idea is centered around prioritizing & making good relationships. But to conclude Remember first things first everything else is noise.



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