Licensing, Copyright & Creativity




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Limited Seats Available

Sawubona Cafe

305 Fox Street, Maboneng


24 FEBRUARY 2019

15:30pm – 18h30


Ninel Lara Musson | Director & Co-founder at Vth Season | @VthSeason

Neil Naidoo | Business Developer at Africori | @Africori

Matthew Rolls | Founder & ECD, Artraction Media | Host

Mubanga Malama | Director, founder at Prestige | @PrestigeAfrika

Zinhle Nhlapo | Media Operations Manager, Kwese Channels

Kevin Edson Ogode | Creative Director, Edson films

Gavin Green | Licensing & Copyright specialist, Founder at Plan A

Networking + Panel Discussion

In this session the topic licensing, copyright & creativity was selected to tackle an important issue that affects even the giants of the industry and gets the little guys extorted. The session will be focused on understanding the importance of basic laws/bounds of your IP (intellectual property) from the angle of individuals operating in the media & entertainment space.


During the event, you’ll discover

  •  What is IP (intellectual property) and the importance
  • Maximizing revenue on your IP
  •  Pros & Cons of Licensing as opposed to selling rights to your work
  •  Protecting yourself against clients and vice versa

Who benefits

  • Marketing, digital and Communication professionals
  • Brand and business owners
  • Students in Creative fields
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Sawubona Cafe, 305 Fox Street, Maboneng

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